Normal green poop or not?

My week old son has been pooping green watery like stools. And it does have a strong smell.

I breastfeed, but due to low milk supply I started giving him newborn enfamil formula at day 5, usually at nights.

So basically 2 bottles of formula and the rest breastfeed. But I'm worried that he may have diarreah. And it's usually after he's finish feeding that he poops and it's like 4/5x a day.

He's been urinating normal like 5/6 wet diapers so I do not think he's dehydrated either. I'm just really worried.

May it be cause I'm supplementing? I hear his stomach make noises when he's feeding. No vomiting or fever .

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Aug 24, 2015

by: Tracy

Your baby's digestive system is still underdeveloped and any change in diet will definitely take a while for him to get accustomed to.

I would give it a few days, to see if hes tummy is okay with that specific formula. If it doesn't change, try a different formula. Have you considered getting donor breast milk?

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