Nursing strike? Help!!

My 14 month has up and striked me for nearly a week now.

He was a ravenous nurser before to the point of waking several times throughout the night to nurse both sides in a sitting.

Last week he started biting down and tearing at my nipples, I reacted as I always have with a firm gentle mouth or no thank you and removed my breast before trying again if he gave the nursing cue.

At first I thought he was just upset at teething pain so I went on with my day and dropped him off with a little extra breast milk for the morning.

That afternoon and evening he proceeded to do it every single time I tried to nurse him when he gave me his nursing cues.

At this point I thought, wow that's odd he must be just off today. He refused all night and the next morning to the point of screaming slapping pinching and biting even just holding him not trying to nurse but all while he was giving me the nursing cues.

I was (is) miserable and at a loss. My boyfriends take was that our son was ready to be done breastfeeding, but yet would only calm down when he got like this if given a bottle with breast milk, he's allergic to dairy and soy isn't healthy so we've also tried goats milk but he refuses it.

He will only take breast milk from a bottle now although I continue to try to nurse. My milk supply is already dropping despite pumping, a lot (ugh!). I'm at a loss! Help please.

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Jan 07, 2015
Nursing strike
by: T


Shame man, sounds like you having a hard time.

Have you tried giving him something cold to chew on just before you nurse?

I use to make breast milk lollies and give those to my daughter before she nursed, the cold will numb the gums and breast milk also I've heard that it contains anti-pain that helps too.

For now, you could try keeping your supply up with herbs. I make my own tea with fenugreek, fennel, anise and blessed thistle. If you would like the recipe I could send it to you.

Other than that, oatmeal helps as well as seaweed and coconut water.

I would hang in there, it could be a few things, maybe it will pass? It doesnt sound like self weaning, sounds more like teething pain or maybe ear ache?

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