One million naira problem solved!

by Moses O. Daniel
(Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.)

Initially, we (my wife and I) thought it was infection that makes our baby, Emmanuel, to cry painfully pulling his legs upwards towards his body and forming a fist with his hands most of the times.

He usually folds himself while asleep. We became very worried, sympathetic and empathetic. Consequently, we opted to contact our nurse/midwife who referred us to the specialist doctor. Contrary to what we expected of the test result, the doctor said 'there`s no problem with the boy'.

We came back home with mixed feelings-happy but worried. Then, we decided to browse the internet on the matter. Wow! We eventually discovered this site specifically addressing our current problem and giving ALL the answers to our curiosities.

The most calming suggestion which happened to be the first in the list is what I quote here: 'Give it time to pass. All babies have immature digestive systems in the beginning and no matter what you do, baby will still have some gassiness'. This suggestion has solved a one million naira problem!

I thank you for being there for us. I love this site. Bravo! to the website maintenance team. My baby shall be a doctor like you in Jesus name, amen. Thank you once again.

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May 08, 2013
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)

It's so great to get such awesome feedback. You guys make me want to cry.

Thank you

God bless you guys

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