one year old has stopped breast feeding

by Sara

Hi, I have a one year old who has stopped breast feeding the last 3 days, he bites me every time I offer it, And doesn't seem interested.

I was wondering why this is? Teething? Strike? Or weaning off? I usually feed him once a day in the morning and feed him 3 bottles through the day. I would like him to breast feed again, what can I do?

Also, I am close to starting my period, would this affect him not wanting the milk? Please help! Thanks

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May 22, 2014
self wean
by: Anonymous

Hello, it sounds to me like you're 1 year old is trying to self wean.

Some children like to breastfeed longer than others.

Something that may affect the taste of your breast milk would be the food that you eat.

While you can't force your child to continue breastfeeding, if it is his strong desire to wean, there are a couple of things that you could try to prolong your breastfeeding relationship.

You can offer the breast as soon as you know your child is hungry. Try to do it when they're first hungry, to avoid your baby being agitated because they have been waiting for a while. Try breastfeeding in a secluded environment. Children around the age of one can be easily distracted.

If your child is no longer asking to breastfeed verbally or through any signal he used to give, and none of these tactics work, you can continue to pump your breasts and offer your baby breastmilk in a sippy cup.

From experience I know that the act of breastfeeding is a bonding moment between mother and baby and it is difficult for a mom to give up for that reason.

If your child is completely refusing to breastfeed, you can still be sure that they're getting the wonderful nutrition and immunological properties of your breast milk, even if it is in a sippy cup.

You can also try to make breast milk lollies and breast milk ice-cream for him. I found the recipe on this is the link...

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