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The best breastfeeding nipple cream including organic nipple creams

Nipple sensitivity is normal in the beginning of a breastfeeding relationship, but cracked broken nipples are often a sign of a bad latch. If you are struggling to latch baby on correctly… read more here.

Our recommended nipple creams…

A natural organic nipple cream (breastfeeding cream)

- Your own breast milk applied to the area will assist in keeping it supple and will promote healing.

- Nipple cream home made ~ Organic, extra virgin olive oil can be used to protect your nipples during breastfeeding.

- Vitamin E oil, Almond oil, Silica, Merigold and Chamomile prevent infection and encourage healing.

- Calendula cream helps to heal broken nipples and is safe for baby to swallow.

- The homeopathic remedies called chamomilla and pulsatilla can help heal cracked nipples. Get these creams for nursing at your homeopathic stores.

The best nursing cream on the market…

Lansinoh breast feeding nipple cream

- is made of the purest lanolin and was developed especially for breastfeeding. It is completely natural, pure and safe.

- This lanolin nipple cream is a soothing nipple cream for pain relief, it has healing properties and protection against cracked nipples. Lansinoh breast cream promotes healthy, supple skin and can be used by moms who are breastfeeding even if their nipples are not cracked.

- If you have cracked nipples, it's best to apply a thick layer of lansinoh lanolin cream for maximum benefit.

- Can be used as a sensitive nipple cream

- Breast milk can be applied to your nipple, before applying lanolin creams.

- Lansinoh lanolin for breastfeeding does not need to be wiped or rinsed off before breastfeeding. Lanolin Lansinoh breast cream is totally safe for baby.

Other tips

- Do not use harsh soaps on your breasts and nipples

- Pat your breasts dry or let them air dry, do not rub them dry.

- Always replace your breast pads as soon as they get wet.

Breastfeeding creams like a pure lanolin breast cream can be used liberally and as many times as you need.

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