by almost giving up

I was 155 when I got prego.Was 223 at full term.was 212 after I had her.And was back up to 228 at her 5 day check up.

Since then been up to 233 to 221.I changed my diet and started to go to the gym.I've eaten out twice sinse she was born all organic fresh foods at home.

Still nursing at 20 months and still cant get any weight off.my Doc. says its my food but my friend weighed the same and we both did the same diet and went to the gym together and she lost 20 pounds the fist month.I dont know what to do. I also work 12 hour shifts as a health care worker and am lifting people and on my feet most of the day 100 hours every 2 weeks.

I feel at a loss and it seems like my Doc thinks My hubby and I must be lying to her about what I eat cause all I get from them is do weight watchers.

Has anyone else not lost any weight while nursing or gained it?

MY kid nurses 2 to 4 times a day on average.Sometime more.Anyone have any ideas other than just eat healthy and drink water stuff I already know and tried and do would be great.thanks ladies.


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Dec 30, 2013
breastfeeding and weight loss
by: Anonymous

Some people swear they can't lose a pound till they stop breastfeeding. Are you still breastfeeding? I would be interested to know how your weight loss goes when you completely stop. Those who say they keep on weight while breastfeeding say that even if they are nursing one time per day they kept the weight on, it was only when they completely stopped that they were able to shed it. Good luck!!!!!

Mar 30, 2014
You are not alone!
by: Anonymous

Wow - good to hear that someone else has the same experience as me!

Though of course I am sorry that you are struggling - it's really hard isn't it.

I found that after my 1st baby I also gained a lot of weight while breastfeeding - in both cases I have been heavier while bf'ing than I was during -pregnancy.

And yes, I have also done all the hard core dieting and exercise (though that is a bit harder with 2) and nothing changes.

My only hope is that when I wean, it will change. I am also working with a very good dr and we have found that my hormones are strongly out of whack.

He said that my system has essentially gone into stasis and it wouldn't matter what I did, the weight would not shift until my hormones find balance.

We are using herbal supplements to remedy this, but I still think I need to wean now so I can get my health back - even though I wanted to keep breastfeeding till my son chose to wean himself - but I just can't go on another year or two like this...

So, maybe get your hormones checked out ... hope that helps a little. Good luck.

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