Oversupply ..very frustrating

My breasts are full most of the time and breastfeeding my baby is very frustrating since he is hungry but he is frequently choke at the breasts, resulting my baby screams and does not want to continue sucking.

I tried to lean back while breastfeeding, it does help sometimes. As the letdown reflex comes, I pull my baby out and let the sprays soak the burping cloth. I wet 1-2 burping cloths at each feeding. My baby gains weight fast and yes, he does have lots of gas, he screams and cries a lot when he has gas pain.
I am returning to work so I pump out and bottlefeed him. Look like with less sucking, my milk supply is reduced; however, I still breastfeed him at night and milk still sprays everywhere (even when my breasts are not full and tight).

I am very frustrated, why can't I be normal like other moms?

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Aug 16, 2011
oversupply and foreceful let down
by: Tracy


This is frustrating, I know...even though I don't have an oversupply of milk...my little girl still chokes sometimes when my let down comes. It's actually very normal...there is nothing wrong with you! ;-)

There are things you can do to help...

Start by giving baby only one breast at a time (change breasts only every four hours) If you start to feel discomfort in the full breast you can express a little milk for comfort. This will decrease your milk supply a little, prevent hindmilk foremilk imbalance and decrease fussiness and colic symptoms.

Try not to press on your breast with your fingers while breastfeeding as any pressure or massage can increase the flow of milk and cause a let down. Do not try to stop the flow with pressure as this could cause a blockage.

Make sure your nipple is facing the roof of baby?s mouth instead of the back of his throat?this will help so that baby doesn?t choke.

A helpful breastfeeding position is when you let baby straddle your leg and sit upright while breastfeeding, holding baby's back and neck for support.

Other than these things, you can try decrease your supply with the tips mentioned on the oversupply page...


Hope this helps, let me know how things go

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