period 2-3 times a month

by ashlee
(Brooklyn, NY )

My son will be 3 months on the 23. My period started last month and lasted 5 days. 9 days later it returned and lasted 6 days. Here it is 7 days later and ive started bleeding again. Im still exclusively breastfeeding. He sleeps throughout the night so i guess That's why I've started them again but idky every 7-9 days. Can anyone help?

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Aug 14, 2015
Should go back to normal
by: Tracy

Hi Ashlee

It sounds to me as if your body is going through hormonal changes right now, due to the fact that you started your period last month.

I don't think you need to worry, it should regulate itself again and go back to normal soon (normal while breastfeeding could include skipping months and/or spotting). If you have more than one period again next month, I would suggest that you see a doctor.

Jun 23, 2016
Bleeding almost all the time
by: Anonymous

I was the same. 2 months after my 3rd baby was born, i was bleeding for 7-10 days.

It would stop for 5 days then it starts again. I was bleeding a lot i was in the shower 3-4 times a day as it would go through my clothes. Went to the doctor a couple times & had an ultra sound but they couldnt figure out what was going on.

I was bleeding so much i started to be anemic & have fatigue. I finally met another doctor who knew what she was doing & said it was just a major hormonal imbalance and prescribed noriday minipill.

I wasn't allowed a full pill as its not good while breastfeeding.anyway, long story short, the minipill helped! My bleeding stopped completely! Haven't had any bleeding or spotting at all.

My son is 7 months now and no bleeding. i still haven't got my period either. Im not anemic anymore and im happy the whole bleeding nightmare have stopped.

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