Period return but irregular

by Amaka

I gave birth on 20th Aug 2011 and i am breastfeeding my child but my menstrual period returned on 14th Nov and am surprised to see another menses by Nov 28th. is it normal?

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Aug 08, 2012
Breastfeeding and period
by: Zelda Behr

There is nothing to worry about.

Breastfeeding can cause very irregular periods.
You may even skip a month or two.
Don't be alarmed if your period is heavier or lighter, longer or shorter than normal.

To relieve symptoms you can take a combination of 1500mg calcium and 400mg magnesium once a day.
Always take them together.

It will make your period more regular, relieve cramps and nipple tenderness.

You can also take one Evening primrose for nipple tenderness.

Read on breastfeeding and period...

Good luck.

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