persistent clogged milk duct

Please advise on how to treat a persistent clogged milk duct (few weeks). I have already tried warm compresses and nursing regularly, dangling breast during feeding. Also, how do cold compresses help with clogged ducts?

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Apr 18, 2011
persistent plugged ducts
by: Tracy


I'll then mention a few other things that might help...

- Try breast compression while baby is drinking to drain the breast more efficiently...
Read about breast compression here
- Position baby with his/her chin pointed towards the plugged duct.
- Soy lecithin is often taken for recurrent and persistent plugged ducts. It really does work wonders...and has even worked for me.

The cold compresses are used in between feeding to reduce swelling and to take away the pain.

If the problem gets worse and continues it can lead to mastitis which is a bacterial infection of the milk ducts. If you see and red streaks in the painful area or experience any flu like symptoms you will need to see your doc or preferably your lactation consultant. Ask for medication that is breastfeeding friendly.

Hope this helps

Sep 30, 2011
cabbage will cure plugged ducts
by: Anonymous

use cabbage cold cabbage on your breast it will clear up

Sep 09, 2012
Side effects of Soy Lecithin
by: Mom of 3

Please look up the side effects of soy lecithin before you use it. May cause anaphalxis!!

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