please help

by keeanna t

I'm a full time college student and my son is 11 months old. I'm so ready to stop breast feeding but he just won't allow it. We can make it through the day without any breast milk but at night its so bad that he'll yell and cry and fight at me if I try and refuse. Please give me some advice!

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Jun 14, 2014
not alone
by: sarah

I have the same problem! Unfortunately for me, the only times she gets my milk anymore is at nap/bed time.

She has mentally connected nursing to sleep. No milk, no sleep. I know that substitution of a habit is the best route, but I have no idea how to substitute this habit when I want to cut the eating part completely.

She is old enough that she eats chopped "big people" food during the day and drinks from a sippy cup or bottle, but I can't get her to sleep through the night without multiple nursings.

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