Plugged nipple-help

by Tessy Diaz
(Dallas tx)

Im only 21 weeks pregnant n I'm finding my self having some nipple issues. On both my nipples I think I have clogged nipples but I'm not sure.

The center of my nipples have round like bumps in a cluster. I squeezed nynipple as I had read to do and it raised the center and I was able to literally pull each little round circle an examined it. It's like a waxy dark substance and it left my nipple with a small hole. (Kind of like when you take a white head out of your pore and it leaves a crater) I took pictures but not sure it's appropriate to show.

But now that I removed this from my nipples they look softer and no longer have those dark round bumps in the center of my nipple. On my other nipple I squeezed just enough to raise the bumps and I plucked each waxy bump with tweezers. It didn't hurt And i was able to just pull away from my nipple. It almost looked like an accumulation of dead skin. What is this?

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Dec 05, 2014
by: Tracy

Hi Tessy

Sounds strange, you can upload the pics...

milk blebs? not sure.

I'm sure other moms will benefit from seeing it. They might have similar issues.

Kind regards

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