possible mastitis

by Robiya

Hi there, 43 yo mother of five children, all EBF and nursing the 5th now who is 18 months.

Suddenly a few days ago my left breast really hurt. I felt a hard area and thought it might clear overnight.

I've had mild flu symptoms the past week without congestion. Now my breast feels like it has a golf ball under the upper left side and its hot to touch with a pinkish rash over the lump.

Also lymph nodes are hard under my armpit so I'm not using deodorant. Dr put me on antibiotics called in Sunday night and they're making me sick.

Trying to nurse a toddler feeling anxious and crappy isn't easy, but its part of motherhood.

Trying to suck it up until my Dr exam. And trying not to read too much online bc its scary!

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