raspberry leaf and squaw vine tea

by emyjon

A friend of mine has 3 children and recommended i drink raspberry leaf and squaw vine tea from 6 months to aid birth, what are your thoughts? And is it safe to use the squaw vine while breast feeding to help tone the uterus, balance the hormones & heal? Will it affect the baby?

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Aug 14, 2011
Squaw Vine and Red Raspberry leaf tea
by: Anonymous


Both these are safe as far as I know...

During the last few weeks of pregnancy Squaw Vine stimulates the uterus to promote a safe and easy birth and is said to actually reduce pain during birth. It is used to prepare a woman's body for child birth. It is also used to relieve painful menstrual cramps.

Squaw Vine is generally used after birth by breastfeeding moms to relieve pain associated with sore nipples.

If you do take this herb during pregnancy or breastfeeding, be careful, make sure you know what other ingredients you are taking...some herbs are not safe...check with your doctor.

Red raspberry leaf is also safe during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Raspberry leaf tea contains an alkaloid that helps tone muscle (the uterus)The benefits of this tea are associated with the large amounts of vitamins and minerals found in the plant...it is rich in vitamin C, Vitamin E, calcium and Iron.

During pregnancy red raspberry leaf tea will also reduce pain and helps reduce false labor pain. It also relaxes the uterus, so that it works without extra tension. It is used to reduce swelling and bleeding after birth.

During breastfeeding raspberry leaf tea will help with producing more breast milk...you can read more about other herbs that can help with this...

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