raynauds of the nipple and question

by rachel

Wanted to know....I'm 8 weeks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy. In my first pregnancy I started having extremely painful burning of my nipple around 10 weeks pregnant.

I have excruciating pain my entire pregnancy and ended up having to self diagnose myself since nobody would listen to me.

It was confirmed thru my ob i ended up having raynauds of the nipple and had a very painful pregnancy with the pain in my nipples.

They would turn white and burned for 20 min or so and happened 3-5 tines per day. I'm currently 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and have noticed my nipples turning white already and two episodes of the Burning, but noticing my nipples turning white several times per day.

Is it likely the raynauds will be like it was in the previous pregnancy or can your nipples turn white and it not be painful?

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Nov 16, 2014
raynauds during pregnancy
by: Tracy

Hi Rachel

There is no way to know. It really depends from pregnancy to pregnancy and person to person.

Raynauds is actually really common and there are ways to reduce the symptoms.

Here is a page that might help...


Dec 02, 2014
Raynauds during breastfeeding
by: Anonymous

I had raynauds during breastfeeding. It was horrible. However, I had no symptoms while pregnant.

My aunt had also experienced it with her kids so I had an idea what it was before I was diagnosed.

I also dealt with a massive infection in the first two weeks after birth and several bouts of thrush.

I'm pretty sure that it was a result of all of my issues. The only way it wasn't painful was if I pumped. I went on nifedipine (spelling??) after trying natural remedies which didn't work.

I was on it for about 3 months when I found out about lecithin. I weaned myself off of the nifedipine and started taking lecithin and it seemed to be a great substitute b/c I havent had any issues since.

Maybe try talking to your doctor about it?? Below is the specific brand I used. I think quality and non-GMO is important. It's also really cheap which helps!

Now Foods, Lecithin, Non-GMO

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