Recurrent Plugged Ducts-Finally Solved

by Amanda

Love this post! So detailed! It helped me a few times. I struggled through multiple plugged ducts per week for almost 10 months.

Finally, I discovered my daughter's un-diagnosed lip tie. She had a frenectomy on her tongue tie a few days after birth, but no one noticed her lip tie (class 4!). Now that she has had that treated breastfeeding is a totally different experience.

Just thought I'd share in case anyone else could be toughing it out like I did.

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Apr 02, 2014
Never thought lip tie could cause lacthing problems
by: Anonymous

It seems so unnoticeable.

I'm glad you found a solution, it really amazes me, how latching problems were caused by lip tie.

Then the milk not flowing, causing blocked ducts.

I heard about one lady that was producing milk, but her milk ducts never developed from birth.

That must be sad, she said that it was an awful thought that she has milk for her baby, but no means to give it to him.

Shame that isn't nice. I guess when looking at plugged ducts from this point of view, then it doesn't seem too bad.

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