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My daughter has been breastfeeding from my right breast only for almost a year, I want to start feeding her from my left, am I still able to produce milk from my left side breast?

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Nov 15, 2016
lopsided breastfeeding
by: Tracy


In theory, yes. You can start to produce milk from that breast again, if you stimulate it enough. By pumping and breastfeeding as much as possible. Breast compression while feeding wil help to drain more milk from the breast. You will start to produce colostrum first and then the mature milk will kick in soon after that. The more milk you remove from that breast, the more milk it will produce.

I'm curious, why did you stop feeding from that side?

I breastfed my little girl for about a year and a half on one breast. I decided to do this because the other breast was not producing much milk. Its a lopsided story. ;-)

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