run out of milk

by Ashley

I think it would be helpful for me to set up an online support group for this issue. I had a difficult time starting off with my first but was able to persevere and make it through to a year.

With my second, I had a great time until almost four months when I ran out. Slowly the supply decreased. I tried everything, more water, herbal teas, lettuce, relax more, eat chicken (I was trying to eat vegetarian at the time), no turkey, nothing worked long-term, so I had to supplement or else I would have a hungry baby and no sleep, dreading the next morning when I had to wake up and be there for my husband and my older child.

I was so blessed to have so much support. My mother praised me for trying so hard for so long when I was having so many problems, and my husband and friends reminded me that the most important purpose of breastfeeding was to nourish my baby, and if my breasts weren't doing their job, then I needed to do my job as a Mommy and feed her formula.

I had a mother of five and a mother of six tell me they had run out of milk before a year for every child! Every one!

I couldn't believe how common this problem was and the well-meaning professionals we turn to for assistance seem to know nothing about it!

So yes, if you're one of those surrounded by people who never had a problem breastfeeding and need some support, comment if you'd like to see a group created and I'll see what I can do.

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