schedule my time for pumping/returning to work

by sanah

How should I schedule my time as I will be resuming work in one week.. I wish to continue breast feed my baby.?

I won't be able to pump at work.. Neither during breaks as there is no proper place to do so.. Am planning to pump when I return from work.. But will that be enough for the baby during the day..?? am soo confused.. How should I proceed.. Any ideas and advises would be great, its URGENT

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May 20, 2012
working and breastfeeding
by: Tracy


Have you introduced a bottle to baby yet, if not...this would be a good time to start.

Also how old is your baby?

The only thing you can do, is store as much milk during those times that you can pump. During this week, you should pump extra so that you can store milk for baby.

Some babies will refuse a bottle while mom is at work, this is okay, that is if your baby starts breastfeeding more in the evenings when you come home. Some babies will take in more calories in the evenings to compensate.

If you see that you do not have enough milk (because your supply might go down), you will need to start supplementing with formula or find out about donor breast milk.

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