selfishly sad

by kelly

I am mom to 6 beautiful children.

I nursed my first son for a year, only stopping because I became pregnant with son #2 whom I nursed for 4 months, but had to stop due to his digestive health.

I nursed my 3rd son for 2 years and my first daughter for nearly 3 years. When I found out I was pregnant with our second daughter (5th child) I was so excited to nurse another baby.

I prepared by getting tons of BF supplies. After the 3rd day at home, i realized my breasts felt no different, and my baby wasn't really getting anything.

I thought well maybe it will just take longer this time because I'm older. Nope, tried all the "tricks" and barely got an ounce per day.

I saw drs and tests and still no answers. I eventually accepted I wasn't going to get to nurse her

Now I have given birth to our 3rd daughter, our last child, on 2/23/13 and the same thing is happening again. I am devastated beyond words again. Nobody thinks its a big deal, but to me it is.

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Mar 01, 2013
Normal To Feel Sad
by: Michelle MOLESWORTH

It is certainly not selfish to feel sad about this. I had always planned on breast feeding my son and it was devastating to realise that he was losing weight and my breasts were not full like other mums. I nursed with a tube going into the corner of his mouth which topped him up with formula as I breast fed but it was embarrassing to do this in public-as though I needed a prosthetic breast to feed my son. The emotional toll was too great and after 12 weeks, I went to bottle feeding. We are now trying for our second and I hope the same thing does not happen again but there are no guarantees. I felt so alone. Everyone else seemed to breast feed. I have signed up to this site and get emails when people post stories so that I can read them. Quite regularly, there are stories like ours where we just don't produce milk. Thank you for sharing. It makes us not feel so alone. People told me to 'get over it' but we know what devastation it brings us. If it helps to talk to someone in the same boat who understands please feel free to email me [email protected]

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