Should I try again?

by maria

Hi all,

I had my first baby 16 years ago and sadly could not breast feed. I tried for 6 weeks and then went on to bottle feed her. I had no help I was feeling terrible.

Two years later my son was born and the same again not enough milk, I tried for 3 weeks, this time there was no one to turn to in fact my midwife was horrid to me.

I am now 8 Weeks pregnant and I really don't know weather to try again or just bottle feed I don't want my baby to go hungry

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Nov 20, 2012
my thoughts
by: Tracy Behr, CBC, CLD (CBI)

Hi Maria

Even if you do not produce much milk, any amount of breast milk and especially colostrum (clear milk produced the first few days) is like liquid gold.

Not just that, but the actual act of breastfeeding, can help you bond with your baby and helps for jaw development.

I could give a whole lot of tips, but there is just too much info. Please read through our site map.

Some pages that I recommend you read:

First time breastfeeding

Breastfeeding facts and myths

The benefits of breastfeeding

low milk supply, lactogenic foods and galactogogues

Latching on and breastfeeding positions

Is my baby getting enough milk

The immunity and gut protection of breast milk

Definitely also get in touch with somebody that has some education on breastfeeding, like a breastfeeding counselor.

also try to join a group of breastfeeding moms, even if it is just online; so that you can talk to like minded people.

Nov 20, 2012
Trust your body
by: Jessica Alexander Gillan

A lot of moms think they don't have any milk -- and they do!

There is this idea that woman cannot breastfeed. And they can! Or our species would have died off millions of years ago.

Trust your body, it will not fail you. You are not broken, you ARE able.

Find a good lactation consultant, go to la Leche league meetings and take a few breastfeeding classes.

Have you considered placenta Ecapsulation? It REALLY helps with milk supply and gives mom energy. You should check it out! Much cheaper than formula

Nov 20, 2012
get a local lactation consultant
by: Laura

Get yourself a local lactation consultant.

They're lifesavers: i couldn't have gotten to five weeks breastfeeding without her.

If your problem is low milk supply, try fenugreek herbal supplements and nettle & fennel herbal teas - they all increase milk supply. Not sure if they have any effect during pregnancy, so google it.

It's worth another try if you can get yourself some support - bfing is wonderful once things start going well.

Nov 20, 2012
helped me
by: Ruth

Oatmeal and lots of hydration helped me!

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