shrink baby's stomach

A mother wants to limit breast milk to 3 ounces every four hours to shrink the baby's stomach.

Then, the baby will sleep through the night because of not needing as much breast milk. Also states that babies do not need as much breast milk as formula.

The baby is six months old. Has anyone experienced this shrinking of the stomach?

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Sep 07, 2012
start solids
by: Tracy

Her baby (who is at the right age ~ 6 months) needs to start eating solids, introduction to solids will help baby sleep through at night.

Start with some rice cereals and soft fruits.
Read more on introducing solids here.

If she starts to feed baby less breast milk during the day, baby will wake up even more at night to make up for the decrease in amount of sustenance.

Yes, babies do not need as much breast milk as formula. Breast milk is extremely dense and much more nutritional, but formula keeps a baby fuller longer because it is not digested as easily as breast milk.

Increasing the amount baby eats during the day will help baby feel more satisfied and baby will start sleeping through. She can start to wean baby from night time feedings though.
Some tips on how to do this...

- She can try breastfeeding baby just before bed time, this will give a longer stretch of sleep.
- Make sure baby drinks enough during the day.
- Make sure baby gets the "hind milk" which is the milk at the back of the breast's milk producing cells (alveoli); let baby drink on one side only with each breast feeding session. Pump the other side if you have to.
- Giving extra love and affection during the day, which will help baby sleep during the night; baby wont try to make up for loss of affection during the day.

Hope this helps

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