Signs of Forcefull Let Down

by Jessie
(Miami, FL)

Wow....I mean Wow. I wish every OB Gyn, and Pediatrician had your website, and La Leche Leage...I have been asking questions about my let down, and everyone only said, it will get better with time. This is so much better.

My baby has all the above symptoms. When my milk comes down...It is like majorly spraying everything. She is sprayed evertyime she realeses. She chokes, she clicks.

It is like you have a camera here!! Thank you. I am going to keep looking at the other things at this website...Just didn't want to leave without leaving a comment.

Thank you again. Will tell others...Thanks. PS. I am trying to wean her off of me. I will read that section. For any one soon as my daughter lost her umbilical cord and was able to turn her head with out assistance. I put her to sleep on her stomach, I waited until about two months old. She woke at night, prior to that every two hours on her back, after that she woke up 6-8, than 10 hours.

at about three months, she started to flip her self on her back, and would wake her self up. She still now she wakes up at all different hours at night...don't know how to teach her to keep sleeping. I have tried to teach her to flip back on her stomach, but all she does is flip back on her back and smile!! Help.

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