by Celina
(Kitchener, ontario)

My 3 and 1/2 month old had been sleeping well since he was a couple of weeks old sleeping from anywhere between 5/6 long stretches at night.

Over the last couple of weeks he got a cold and due to his congestion he was up often and wasn't feeding long enough, now he seems to be better but still feeds for 5 minutes on only one breast and does not want to feed anymore until 2hrs later and at night he's waking up every 3 hrs and doing a 5 minute feed.

I've tried to offer him the other breast, changing his diaper so he wakes up but he will not open his mouth, (his feedings before were about 30 minutes long and i have been told i have an oversupply of milk and for a few feedings offer the same breast, which I've done). What can I do to have him do longer feeds during the day so at night he can get a longer sleep.

Please help I'm running out of ideas.

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May 19, 2011
Maybe a growth spurt...
by: Tracy

Hi Celina !

Are you giving him anything other than breast milk during the day?

I know it's frustrating having to wake up so often at night, but I'm sure things will change again soon...maybe baby is just going through a growth spurt. Babies usually go through a growth spurt at about 4 months. A growth spurt can cause change in appetite and sleeping patterns.

Read more about how to handle growth spurts here.

Other things that could be causing this...

- Your baby's nose is still a little blocked, making it difficult for him to breastfeed for long stretches at a time.
- Your baby is already starting to teethe...this usually results in a change in feeding patterns. Check your baby's gums for swelling.
- There has maybe been a change in baby's day time schedule.

Read tips on how to breastfeed a sleepy baby.

Co-sleeping can also help, this will keep you both snug, you wont even have to get up and baby can breastfeed as much as he likes.

Read more about co-sleeping here.

Things you can do during the day...

- Make sure baby has a good breastfeeding session just before bedtime.
- Definitely stick to one breast at a time so that baby gets the Hindmilk which is fattier and more filling. Because you have an oversupply of milk, maybe you should pump your milk for the evening feeds...this way you can control whether baby is drinking hindmilk or foremilk.
- Try nursing more during the day.

Just also remember,  baby won't wake up at night too much longer...they usually start sleeping through the night after a few months. Hang in there, it will be worth it!

Hope something here will help...please let me know how things go

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