So glad I'm not alone

by Serena

When I got pregnant I knew immediately I wanted to BF. I started reading everything I could get my hands on about BFeeding and attended BF classes at my hospital. When I brought him home I was under a LOT of stress because his father had walked out on us.

I was emotionally distraught. I think the baby sensed this too, and he would not take to the breast. I had a nurse come out to the house to ensure he was latching on correctly, and he was, but he'd suck for a few minutes, not get anything, and start screaming. When he started losing weight and was crying all the time from hunger, I finally gave up.

The nurse told me that I had to get some nutrition in him. When I fed him a bottle he sucked it down so eagerly, and went right to sleep. I still didn't want to give up on BFeeding so I tried to pump. After about an hour and a half I only had a little less than one ounce. I gave up but felt so guilty. What kind of mother couldn't feed their child? That was 16 years ago, and my son is healthy, but I still feel guilty that I wasn't able to BF him.

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Dec 10, 2011
Glad I'm Not Alone Too
by: Michelle

I am in the same situation as you except my son is only 6 months old. My stress came from 3 days after birth at home when I had excruciating pain BFing just as my milk was starting to come in.

It was 11pm & I rang hosp where I gave birth asking if I can come in & get help with attachment and they told me they were busy with their own patients! I ended up in emergency where they admitted him & put him on formula. I got so upset by this and cried all night.

I am not meaning to compare myself to the stress of your partner leaving, but my milk never increased from that point on. I picked him up from hospital the next day and just BF but then he was losing weight. So I spent 3 months trying to increase my supply, expressing, taking herbs, BFing with a tube going to my nipple topping him up with formula, but my milk never increased and so at 3 months I went fully to formula. I'm so glad others like you write on here so that we do not feel alone.

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