So helpful

I am so relieved to hear these experiences from other mothers. I've felt like such a failure as a mother. I too tried breast feeding and pumping in an attempt to produce enough milk.

My breasts were so sore and tender as I was nursing for 90 minutes at a time and still trying to pump. I got no sleep since my baby would nurse for so long and stay awake screaming from hunger. At the advice of my pediatrician I began supplementing with formula and then eventually began feeding her formula exclusively at 6 weeks.

In my attempt to find the best formula for her needs I was bombarded with what felt like lectures telling me how breastfeeding is best. No articles mentioned how some mothers may not have the option!

With every article I would feel more and more disappointed and depressed about my inability to produce food and nourishment for my baby girl.

I'm so thankful to know that other moms have the same struggle and I'm happy to say my little girl is doing great!

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