Stopped breastfeeding.. Now what?!

by Audrey

Ive just stopped breastfeeding, my lo is 6 weeks and im going back to work and decided breastfeeding wouldn't work out for when i'm there.

But everytime i go to sleep, i wake up with my shirt soaked with milk. Besides breast pads, any suggestions on what to do to help or prevent this from happening?!

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Mar 16, 2015
herbs that decrease supply
by: Tracy

Hi Audrey

Weaning should be a gradual process. So that the transition for you, and your baby is easier. (A gradual decrease in demand of breast milk, will lead to less milk produced.)

If your breasts start to feel a little tight, you can pump them a little for comfort. Ice packs can also be used to decrease the swelling and pain.

Here are some herbs that can help decrease milk supply: Herb Robert, Red sage, Garden mint and Periwinkle.
(check with your doc before taking any of these, especially if you are on meds)

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