Success the second time around!

by Kathryn
(Yorkshire, England)

I had my son 9 years ago, and planned to breastfeed him for the first 2 years - I was successful in starting, he latched on straight away and fed like a dream for 13 weeks, but he was born without a hip socket on his left side and was due to have operations on it at 6mths old, after which he would be in a full body cast from his chest down to his ankles - this was to be repeated until it worked, or different operations to correct it, and the body cast back on again.

My health visitor said it would be easier to switch to formula, as it would be extremely difficult to feed him myself whilst he would be in the plaster body cast (and in hindsight, it would have been), and that I would have no time to express whilst looking after him in hospital, and then at home, so sadly I did as I was advised and I was GUTTED! But that's how it was :(

Anyway, I now have a 9 week old baby girl, and plan also to breastfeed her for 2 years, however we have had/are having 'problems' which I am trying to rectify - when she was born, the hospital registered her birth weight as 8lbs 13.5ozs, although I doubted it at the time, as she fit into 7.5lb and newborn baby clothes but I didn't feel confident enough to speak up (you just trust what's said I guess), and when she was weighed at 5 days, her weight was then 7lbs 3ozs, so they ended up sending us back into hospital for 48 hours and we went on a strict feeding plan.

Anyway the result of that was the hospital (maternity ward) force-feeding my baby girl formula as well as me breastfeeding her every 3hrs and then expressing milk as they said she needed to be back up to her birth weight and it should 'bring my milk in'...(I was EXHAUSTED!!!)

They said I must have had 'delayed lactation' as I'd had a c-section, my baby was drowsy after birth, and some other reason that I now forget.

ANYWAY, after 3 paediatricians checked over the baby, they all came to the conclusion that she couldn't possibly have weighed 8lbs 13.5ozs at birth, as to drop that much body weight she would have been seriously ill - dehydrated and jaundiced - which she wasn't - she was alert and a beautiful colour and her blood tests all showed perfectly fine hydration they made notes on her records as such, and recorded that her birth weight was seriously queried.

But still she isn't gaining weight as fast as she 'should', though she may just have a high metabolism and be generally small built (even though I am far from small lol) I've started drinking fennel tea (lots of it!) and I've bought a new breast pump which I started using Friday (both of these in the hope that I will produce more milk so that my baby girl will drink more and hopefully gain weight faster) and IT'S WORKING!

I've seen a vast increase already, only in a few days, and baby girl is feeding better and sleeping better, and I'm confident that she WILL have gained the 'required' amount when I weigh her on Tuesday - I can guage when I hold her that she is definitely weighing more. My baby girl shows no signs as having the same health problem as my son, and so my plan to feed her for 2 years may actually happen!

I'm so excited, and feeling so very good about it now :) xxx

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