Successfully Ended Strike

My 9 mo bit me one day and I yelped and said "No!". He started crying, really crying. He did not nurse for 5 days after that.

He wanted me near him and wanted me to hold him - but refused to nurse. He would cry, turn away, and push away from the breast. I was pumping during this time but he preferred water or formula out of a sippy - not my milk. Needless to say I was so sad and cried every day. I wasn't ready for him to be weaned - he is my last baby (3rd). I had to stop nursing my 1st at 9 mos and my 2nd didn't make it past 4 months - so this was new territory for me.

I read suggestions here and elsewhere and decided to take it really slow. A lot of skin to skin and I offered the breast but didn't push it. I noticed that every day he got more and relaxed and yesterday actually started to drool! So today he sat in my lap - patted the breast and leaned in to nurse. We BOTH were really happy after that and he has nursed all day. SO - just take it slow and they will come back to you!!

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Aug 29, 2014
Thank you!
by: Naomi

You have no idea how much hope your post has given me! My 9 month old son is on strike day 5, and it's completely got me heart sick!

He has a virus that is causing sores in his mouth, and I've been terrified that he won't return to breast feeding when it's all cleared up. Your post has encouraged me so much, thank you!!

Aug 31, 2014
for Naomi
by: Anonymous

He is now 4 years old... he nursed until he was almost 2! :) I decided to call it quits before his second bday :)

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