sucks milk only from the left breast

my baby sucks milk only from the left breast but refuses to suck from right breast... why does this happen and how can i teach him to suck from both sides???

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Feb 16, 2013
Breast refusal
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)


When baby only refuses one breast, it can indicate one or more of the following:

• An ear infection

• Congestion of baby’s nose.

• Injury that occurred at birth or any other ordeal.

• Flat or inverted nipple on just one breast.

• If you put baby on one breast more often than the other, it can cause one to produce more. This can cause baby to prefer one breast over the other.

• In very rare cases, it has been found that a baby may refuse a breast that is later found to be cancerous. If you have tried fixing the problem with no results and are concerned about this, you can go for ultrasound or mammography, which does not have to interfere with breastfeeding.

Tips for one sided breast refusal:

• Try different breastfeeding positions. For example: If baby is refusing to breastfeed from the left side breast, you could breastfeed in a football hold on the left side or in a more upright position.

• Soften the rejected breast by pumping before breastfeeding.

• Use breast compressions while trying to breastfeed, this will help the milk flow faster and.

As a last resort, you should know that it is possible to continue feeding baby from only one breast. (I myself have done this now for over 15 months.)

Refusing one breast

Feb 03, 2015
by: Rake

Well, I think there is nothing much serious to be concerned about on this matter. Try him to have milk from both the breasts. Or it may be because of some irritations he feels when he is made to suck milk from the left side.

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