Thank you!

by rachel
(San Jose, CA)

Thank you ladies for sharing your stories. I had a beautiful little boy 3 weeks ago and he loves to breastfeed.

The only problem is that I am not producing much:-( I have seen so many lactation specialists, taken many herbs, teas, try to produce more and still no luck.

He will feed for an hour at the breast and then scream for more. So, I finally decided to go to formula and I feel really bad.

My husband being Brasilian and raised on a farm, is not helpful at all! He keeps saying, "if you don't want him to be healthy then stop breastfeeding." He really doesn't understand the emotions that go along with trying so hard to do something you always dreamed about doing and not being able to.

The lactation consultants are even worse. They keep encouraging me to at least give him little snacks to keep him healthy and develop his brain.

Ahhhh, everyone is making me feel so bad. Like my hormonal changes aren't enough stress. Nyways, I appreciate your posts. As I sit here crying, I know that there are other woman out there somewhere who understand.

Thank you!


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Jan 05, 2011
Don't worry
by: Tara

Hi Rachel

I can relate to your problem. I had the same issue with my first son at about the same age. He seemed so hungry and I was sure I wasn't satisfying him. I was really keen to give formula but my midwife at the time said it was normal and that I should avoid formula until he was at least 6 weeks old. She told me that it was natural for the demand to come before the supply kicked in and that he wouldn't go hungry for too long as my body would eventually produce the correct amount (and balance of nutrients) required for his stage of growth. She was right and as each new stage arrived my milk supplies adjusted faster and faster until I didn't notice it anymore.

I think the body remembers too, as when I had my second son 4 1/2 years later I found breastfeeding was so much easier and the changes were much more subtle.

Relax and keep offering what you can. If your baby will also feed from a bottle remind your hubby it's an excellent way for him to bond with his child.

Best of luck!

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