Thanks for this article

by Zoe
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

My baby is now newly 6 months.

I had my first blocked duct recently, and had acupuncture done. 5 times, actually, within about a week's time frame (every other day). I used heat compresses, took a few warm showers, and tried to massage towards the center of the affected breast while baby fed or even while in the shower.

I also tried to take better care of myself - napped, tried to sleep more and eat a bit healthier.

I also began every feed using that breast - since babies feed the best at the beginning of a feed.

It was alarming to find that lump; my husband thought I had mastitis initially and I was a bit freaked by that.

I learned about worse case scenarios - ones that would require surgery.

That first lump disappeared, but today I felt "bruising" on my other breast. I took some extra cautionary steps, this article was wonderful to read and to keep in mind, and... I think the blocked ducts might have been successfully dealt with. The bruising/engorgement appear to be gone?

I'll happily start taking Lecithin if that will help.

Thanks for posting this useful and encouraging article!

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