There is an app for that

Hi Zelda, Nice article.
We have created an Android app that analyzes the baby cry sounds. It also has 5 sound buttons where you can listen to these sounds you also described. Check it out:

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Apr 02, 2014
Baby Cry Analyzer app
by: Anonymous

Wow, the app is free too.

I didn't know that baby makes specific sounds for different situations.

After reading the description of the sounds, and what might be wrong, it kinda made sense.

But the sound they supply with the app really helped, it really sounds like that is what baby needed.

With the burping and pooping sounds, it sounds like baby is pressing or squeezing, especially the pooping sound, with the burping sound it sounds like baby is pressing.

Really interesting, I read somewhere between the page and the app that if I learn to respond to these sounds, that baby will continue making these specific sounds.

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