These Ice Lollies are Brilliant!!

by Elsabe
(South Africa)

The Ice Tray

The Ice Tray

The Ice Tray
Fun Lemon Shapes

I am crazy about this idea! My Twincesses are now 19 months old and since we live in a hot area, they just love snacking on anything cold.

Breastfeeding twins means that I don't usually have much left to express, but I've created my own "recipe" which works well. I express as much as I can after not feeding them from one side for an afternoon and then I add Chamomile tea and some full cream yogurt to make up enough to fill an ice tray.

I've also bought more cheap Gummies (teethers that look like dummies) which don't pull out of the ice as easily as a smooth dummy does.

As soon as I open the freezer door to take out the lollies, they all go crazy lol! Even my 5 yr old son enjoys it, although I don't tell him there is breastmilk in... otherwise he wouldn't eat it. Hehe, sneaky mommy (",)

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