This is the one and only place I have found others like me.

by Brandice

It is all true. When milk production was a problem for me La Leche and lactation consultants couldn't help.

Domperidome didn't help. More milk plus....fenugreek....I tried it all. I went to the internet to seek information or support-zilch. I only saw women on breastfeeding forums saying that the woman with low production without medical issues just simply weren't trying enough.

I stumbled across this website today after learning my co-worker who just delivered a few weeks ago has the opposite problem, and her milk is coming out like a fire hose. That made me remember how terrible I felt about myself and my new role as a mother when I couldn't feed my daughter.

I would pump every two hours and I never got more than a few teaspoons. My daughter lost so much weight we went to supplementing, but after 2 1/2 months and me returning to work, I stopped trying entirely.

I mentioned to my OB how I didn't notice any breast growth during my pregnancy, but he assured me, as well as the nurses at the hospital, that my milk would come in. It never did. I still feel awful, she had a great latch from the get go.

On the upside, my daughter is almost eight months and extremely healthy. She is quite the porker now at that. I am hoping next time breastfeeding works for me, but I have learned not to beat myself up about it. I wish there was more information to be found on this subject, but I am very glad I found this site.

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