three years and counting!! WOOO WOOO

by poapoujwer

It has been three years and then some since my last period. I said sayonara to my last period in August of 2011 and here it is May of 2015!

Worried you might ask?? not on you life. I would be happy if the darn thing simply vanished all together!

The only thing I do is breastfeed my little one (not so little anymore) whenever she feels like it. Some women who do not breastfeed choose not to for some really sad reasons.

I think being a woman in this day and age we sometimes forget what function our breasts serve. Sure men like'em, but the real purpose of these mammary glands is to sustain the precious life of our next generation.

It saddens me to see women who are too afraid to breastfeed their own flesh and blood. all that nutritional and bonding factors down the tubes. A complete waste of what nature intended.

It saves money and in the end, your breasts actually look better than if you didn't breastfeed at all. its true! after you breastfeed for the last time and your breasts go back to normal, they will be fuller and more shapely than if you didn't nurse.

Have you ever heard that babies who are breastfed are more healthy than babies who are not?? its because through breast milk, a mothers body will product the antibiotics and immunities to many different illnesses the baby may have been susceptible to if he wasn't breastfed.

Ever heard of breastfed babies having higher IQs?? studies show that babies who are breastfed have significantly higher IQs than babies who are not. Also scientists have done studies on SIDs and babies who are breastfed. Babies who are breastfed are far less likely to die of SIDs than babies who are bottle fed. The reason is that bottle fed babies tend to be deep sleepers and may not be aware they have stopped breathing. Babies who nurse are more easily rouse at discomfort. wait wait wait, so youre telling me that breastfeeding can possibly save my baby's life???? Im a super hero!!! but all that aside, isn't the human body amazing???

Simply having your baby against your body can have an effect on your menstrual cycle. your baby can just "think" of feeding and your breasts will produce milk. ok ok so maybe not just "think" about it, but if she simply touches just one of your breasts you will produce milk!! isnt it amazing???

And for all you pregnant ladies out there. you are all gorgeous! the best thing you can do for your baby is give him the best start in life. there is nothing on the face of the planet more perfectly nutritious than a mother's milk. Stay away from formula! it's too expensive and overrated. Bond with your baby. dont be afraid of it! just close your eyes and jump!!

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May 11, 2015
What a beautiful encouraging message
by: Tracy


Thanks so much for sharing this! Beautiful!

Oct 27, 2015
Two and Counting Here!
by: Anonymous

Thanks, for the I delusional to think we can try for another and still keep breastfeeding??

I'm trying to take extra vitamins in hopes of encouraging ovulation? I'm at such a loss but I'm also not ready to fully wean.

Baby typically only breast feeds at nap time and night time (but wakes often to breastfeed at night)

Dec 23, 2015
Follow up
by: Anonymous

Very cool! I've been breastfeeding for 5 years. No regular periods, and now none for a year!
I'm 44, so assumed menopause? But now I'm
thinking that with recent weaning and what appears to be an ovulatory month, that perhaps my uterus "woke up" from a deep sleep?
Did you have any symptoms of menosuse, like hot flashes etc during your long break from periods?

Thank you for posting your thoughts. I agree!

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