Toddler rash


I'm 12 weeks pregnant, and breastfeeding my 15 months old.

The past few days I notice he got a rash all around his body. It's not itchy, but he's full of it. Could it be due to the hormones?

I also noticed he started to drink a bit less the past few weeks, and switches from side to side quite often (after a few zips), like trying to figure out which side is better. He never did that before, and I was wondering if it had anything to do with a change in the taste of the milk. Anything I can do to make sure he keeps on enjoying it? I drink already 2+ liters of water, but maybe a good idea to start increase it towards 3?

Thanks in advance.

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Jul 27, 2015
hi ;-)
by: Tracy


The rash could be hormones, but if it persists I recommend that you see a doc about it. Hormones will usually result in tiny pimples, not a rash. It could be something new in your diet that your baby is a little sensitive to.

Your milk will change into colostrum, closer to the birth of your baby. And like you said, the taste of the milk will change. There is no way for you to prevent this. Water is not going to make a difference.

I have heard of mothers consuming garlic to improve the flavor of the milk. Its worth a try.

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