Too young for ice cream?

I'm a brand new mommy, and I am set on doing everything as naturally and healthy as possible, and I was soo excited when I read the breast milk ice cream segment!

However, my little girl is four months and three weeks, old and I'm not sure she's old enough for the ice cream... She's taking about 2tbls brown rice a day, and she is such a great eater as far as handling the chewing motions very good. She IS teething, so I know the lollis will be great. But is it to soon for ice cream?

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Jan 29, 2013
breast milk ice cream
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)


No, she is not too young for "breast milk" ice cream ;-) But not all babies like cold stuff, try her.

Babies who are younger than 4 months should not be given cow's milk or any other solids. But after this period it is okay to slowly introduce all of the popular "culprit foods" unless your baby has been diagnosed with an allergy towards a specific food.

Resent research suggests that the introduction of "culprit allergy foods" into your baby's diet in small amounts from the age of 4 months can prevent allergic reactions later on.

A mother is now encouraged to eat these foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding, unless she herself if allergic to a specific food. Some culprit foods include dairy products, nuts, fish, eggs, wheat, soy and citrus fruits.

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