Tough delivery that caused breastfeeding problems.

I want to share my story because I spent lots of time trying to figure out why breastfeeding was so difficult for me.

My son was coming face up during delivery and after pushing for a long time the nurse got my doctor and she discovered why this delivery was so difficult so during a contraction she rotated him to come through face down.

Well that didn't last long and he flipped back. So she went to rotate him again but only got half way and had to wait for another contraction befoe she could rotate him completely. Needless to say by the time he was delivered his head was so disfigured but by the next day it had reshaped so it looked fine. Anyway I had taken the breastfeeding classes so I knew breastfeeding would be difficult and hurt at first but I toughed it out thinking it would get better.

I worked with lactation specialist to help overcome it, 6 weeks later it was still hurting and I was dreading breastfeeding.

I was at my wits end and still try to work with lactation specialist but I received the impression that they just thought I didn't want it enough.

After doing all sorts of internet research I came across a dula website who offered breastfeeding help and decided to go for it. When she came she check out my technique and said it was fine. Gave me some other postions to try, but then decided to check my baby's suck and noticed it was offline.

Instead of sucking it back to the soft palate he would suck it to the side of his jaw. Anyways she referred me to a chircopractor who specializes in infants and we got in that day (which was a Friday) and had another appointment on Monday.

After those 2 appointments breastfeeding wasn't painful. I was amazed at the difference. I think other may struggle with baby's who could use a good adjustment to help them suck correctly,so that's why I am sharing my story.

If you are wondering if your baby's suck is offline. Use your pointer finger (trim that finger nail and of course wash your hands good), place the finger nail side down on the tougue and allow the baby to suck it. It should go straight back to the soft palate but if pulls to a side then you know the baby has a sucking problem. Make sure to do your research on a good chiropractor too.

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