TReatment for dry or damaged hair. Awesome shine and softness!

by Sofia Soruco de Rojas

Just add 20 ml or so to any hair cream you would usually use (20ml for the amount you will use at that time). Apply to your hair, comb, use heat if you want, rinse it after 5 minutes or after all night. Its up to you...
The hair looks really shinny after this. It also feels really soft.
When you rinse it it will feel a litte oily. It wont feel that way when its dry.
I think there is difference of you use hindmilk foremilk or both but im not really sure yet...
My two sisters in law and I have tried this with great results! I always let them know my son has left some milk or their hairs.
My hair is really hard to "comb" so I Use conditioner for this process and after rise it I apply the conditioner that is mixed with breastmilk.
Hope this helps! The best part? Since its a supply and demand proccess I always have enough milk for my baby and for looking nice! (I dont really have the time though lol)
God bless you!

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