tried to breastfeed but couldn't

by Renee

For all of the mothers who tried to breastfeed but couldn't please do not feel discouraged.

Your children love you and you love them, that's all that matters : )

I have a beautiful six week old son and I went through the same thing. My milk never really came in, the most milk I produced from pumping was only 10 ml total!

After discussing with my Dr. and lactation consultants no one knows why I'm not able to produce.

At first I was saddened by this fact, but after seeing my son satisfied with bottle feeding I'm over feeling down about it.

I may not be able to produce breast milk for reasons unknown....but I'm still able to be a great mom to my wonderful child. So ladies please don't be depressed, or feel bad you still are great moms. God bless : )

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