trouble pooping

by brittany
(sac, CA, )

My daughter is 4months old and she is exclusively breastfeeding, nothing else and she seems to having trouble pooping severely red in the face while pushing and rays and her poop isn't the seedy mustard runny stuff its mustard yellowish green and mushy not runny and its hardly anything if all.

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May 13, 2012
nothing ot worry about
by: Anonymous

HI Brittany

Its normal for a baby to grunt and even to go red in the face while pooping ;-) Many moms think this is a sign of problems, but not at all, as long as your baby's poops are not hard, there is nothing to worry about.

About the color and consistency, thats also normal and "small amounts" are also normal. Some breastfed babies only poop once every 10 days! This is because breast milk is absorbed into the body so easily.

Hope this helps

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