Trying to Conceive During Breastfeeding

by MiniMomo

Hi, I conceived my oldest with the assistance of clomid.

He was exclusively breastfed until about 6 months. he is now 16 months.

I have had two periods one at about six months and one eight weeks later and that was it. He is currently breast fed once in the morning and once at night (occasionally in the middle of the night).

I would love to have another baby. Is there anything I can do to get my periods going again/ovulate without completely weaning?

Would love some advice.

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Jun 17, 2014
Trying to conceive while breastfeeding
by: Tracy


You might only need to decrease the duration of those feeds... Try to skip one of the feeds if/when you can. Also try to avoid any comfort feeding, when possible. The decreased nipple stimulation helps to improve the chances of your period returning.

What I did was instead of offering the breast at those times, I waited for her to ask.

Otherwise, if this doesn't work, you could temporarily wean, just to give your body "the signal" ;-)

I know that's going to be difficult for him, if he is very attached to the boob, try to do it gradually. If you want him to breastfeed again later, that's also okay... It is safe to breastfeed while pregnant. (Which I'm sure you know already)

I hope this was helpful

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