Tuberous Breasts

I tried fenugreek, motilium, drinking lots, breastfeeding on demand, pumping after feeds, got baby's tongue tie snipped, saw a lactation consultant, cranial osteopathy, used sns feeding system, but all to no avail! The specialist midwife had not even heard of my congenital problem.

I have tuberous breasts so I simply did not have enough glandular tissue, plus with my baby's tongue tie breastfeeding was incredibly hard. I had no choice but to combination feed from the start. When asking for help they would do a blood sugar test after the formula and say "she's doing fine" or weigh her and say "she's not lost more than 10% of her body weight yet".

I felt so guilty, but knowing my baby is now healthy and growing is what's important. Someone I know is continuing to breastfeed against drs advice, her baby is still not at her birth weight after 10 weeks. She still thinks breast is best, it's simply not the case for everyone!

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