Weighing Nappies??

by SusieMae

I'm wondering if keeping a record of formula taken and weighing nappies would be a good indication of how much milk my baby gets from me? Has anyone tried this?

I have a gorgeous month old baby boy, a brother for my beautiful 16 month old daughter. I had a tough time feeding my daughter, I never made enough milk and had to supplement from two weeks old.

I tried everything to increase my supply but nothing worked for me. I continued to put her to my breast for a year so she could get whatever I could give. Being unable to breastfeed my baby girl was absolutely heartbreaking for me.

I was delighted to discover I was pregnant again, although I was anxious that I would have the same trouble again.

I put my son to my breast as soon as he was born and as much as possible there after. I felt things were going better for me this time, but his weight dropped by 1lb 4oz.

I again have to supplement, with little success expressing. I'm working hard to not let it get me so down this time around, it took me a long time to come to terms with being unable to feed my daughter. I became quite withdrawn as it consumed all my thinking.

I know my son gets some milk from me, but have no idea how much. I sometimes feel guilty for putting my baby to my breast when I fear he isn't getting very much, but keep telling myself every drop is a bonus. Do babies pass the same amount as they take in or do they hold onto some? Am I obsessing?

My heart goes out to all other women in a similar situation x

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Jul 23, 2012
my advice
by: Tracy


I wouldn't worry so much about the exact amount of breast milk that baby is taking in...as long as baby is getting some breast milk, it has great benefits.

Allow baby to breastfeed first for as long as he wants to, then give whichever supplement you have been giving, babies will usually let you know when they have had enough.

Just enjoy this time together, breastfeeding has so many benefits, not just nutrition but, bonding and prevention of PPD and so many other things...

The benefits of breastfeeding

Congrats on doing the best for your baby against all the odds...you are not the only mom struggling with this.

Also have you tried using herbs to increase supply?

Aug 03, 2012
by: Michelle MOLESWORTH

Hi there

Have your considered using an SNS (Supplemental nursing system)?

It is a bottle that has a tube which you tape to your nipple. Your baby then gets your nipple and formula through the tube at the same time. I was devastated when I did not make enough milk for my son and I breast fed this way for 3 months.

At the time I was upset that I could not feed exclusively and felt like I needed a prosthetic breast to feed. But now looking back I am proud of what I did in my circumstances and I plan to do it all again if I have low milk supply with baby number two that we are now trying for.

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