what is block feeding

Please what is block feeding?

My 3 month old has been passing green slimy poop in the last 4 days and now has a red Bum.

I think its because of the milk imbalance. But she sucks for just 5 to 10mins. When i express its made up of majorly foremilk.

I am at my wits end. pls help.

How do I get her to suck for longer and get the hindmilk?

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Jul 10, 2015
Block Feeding
by: Tracy


Firstly, you can never really see how much milk you produce, or how much hindmilk you produce with pumping. Some mothers have an abundance of milk, but are not capable of pumping much milk at all.

If you have an oversupply of milk, you can breastfeed her twice from one breast. This is essentially block feeding. This will reduce your supply a little and ensure that she drinks the hindmilk. So in other words, breastfeed from breast A, then again with the following breastfeeding session from breast A. Then switch to breast B with the following feeding and breast B again the next time and so forth.

Hope this helps.

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