What's the proper way to breastfeed? How do I make enough for storage?

by Megan


I've read in so many pamphlets and Internet sites that say different things about breastfeeding.

I just want to get it correct though, do I only feed off of one breast at each feeding? I've been breastfeeding basically one and a half because I was told to offer the other breast at each feeding, which doesn't completely empty the 2nd. I am also having a problem with a baby that never seems satisfied. She can eat again within 30 minutes to an hour after a full feeding. My breasts and energy are drained! I've already had a meltdown from exhaustion.

Also I'd like to create a storage supply for my husband to be able to feed, so I can get some things done or sleep! How can I make extra milk? Like I said, she feeds so frequently I never have extra, only a shortage.

Please help,

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Apr 08, 2015
my thoughts
by: Tracy


Okay, yes, I can see how that can get a little confusing.

Because you want to increase your supply, I think its best to continue what you are doing...but then pump that breast that is "half full". When you "empty" your breasts, it signals your body to make more milk. So the emptier your breasts are, the more milk you will produce. You can start pumping in between breastfeeding sessions too.

I struggled with a low supply when I breastfed my little girl, things that helped me:

- Herbal tea (mixture of equal parts fenugreek seeds, alfalfa, anise, blessed thistle and fennel) Boil two tablespoons of this mixture in a litre of water. Strain and drink warm with raw honey and lemon juice for taste. You can drink three to four cups of this daily.

- Nori (Seaweed) If you enjoy sushi or seaweed dishes, seaweed will boost your milk supply very quickly.

- Domperidone. Its a safe medication to take to increase supply, but it does take a while to start working. Once it starts working, your milk supply might double or triple. It is expensive though.

Those are the things that helped me the most.

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