Will My Supply Ever Return

So My Son Will Be 6 Months On The 17th And I've Noticed A Huge Decrease In My Breast Milk Supply!! I Use To Know W/O A Doubt He Would Be Full And It Was No Worries! But I've Noticed Since My Cycle Returned Last Month My Supply Is What I Would Say Not As Much!

I Say This Because I Can Pump And Only Get Not Even An Ounce Out My Right Boob And MAYBE An Ounce Out My Left! But When I Put Him Directly On The Breast He Can Stay On For Sooo Long That Was Not The Case At First And Even With Him Being On So Long I've Noticed He Doesn't Have Many Wet Diapers If Any Unless I Supplement With Formula!

I've Been Drinking Mothers Milk Tea Taking Fenugreek Pills Doesn't Seem To Be Doing Much! Even Pumping Every 2-3 Hours!!!!!! I Guess My Question Is Will My Supply Ever Return To Be Able To Meet My Sons Needs Again Like It Once Did! Or Is It A Lost Cause!? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Sep 05, 2016
low supply
by: Tracy

I know how frustrating it can get and I know how overwhelmed you must feel right now, but I would like to assure you that you are on the right track. Remember, any amount of breast milk is beneficial to your baby.

Before you decide to take anything for a low milk supply, please check our page about the signs of a "real" low supply.

You said your baby is 6 months, which means that you have probably started introducing solid foods too, this can also cause a decrease in your milk supply, due to the fact that there is less demand for milk. Pumping is not always a good indicator of how much milk you are producing, your baby is better at removing milk from the breasts.

If you have to supplement for now, Instead of giving him formula, is there a possibility that you could get hold of donor breast milk? Even small amounts of formula can cause havoc...read more here...

Also your baby may be staying on the breast longer because he feels comforted by the breast, this might also be due to a growth spurt or due to being away from you for longer periods during the day. My daughter use to comfort feed all the time, it can get frustrating, but the longer you allow him on the breast, the more your body is signaled to produce milk. This will increase your supply, also...if you breastfeed during the night, it will boost your supply.

So about the wet diapers, please be sure to compare your baby with breastfed babies, not formula fed ones. Here is a page about the normal urine and stool output of breastfed babies:

If you have read the signs of low supply and are certain now that you have a low milk supply...

About Fenugreek capsules. I struggled with a low milk supply too, I tried these and they had absolutely no effect. Raw Fenugreek seeds, boiled or sprouted work much better. I use to make my own breast milk boosting tea. Here is the recipe...

Other things that helped me personally:

- Breast compression during feedings -
- Lots and lots of skin to skin contact and comfort feeding.
- Oatmeal
- Seaweed - I ate nori, which is the seaweed sheets used when making sushi
- Domperidone - This is as a last resort. This is a safe medication to take while breastfeeding. This worked wonders but took three weeks to work, its also expensive and as soon as I stopped, the milk started to dwindle again.

Other pages that might help:



Your last question was will your supply ever return. Well, breast supply works on a simple formula. If you breastfeed more and the demand increases, your body will produce more milk. That's why I say it would be good to allow him to comfort feed as much as he likes for now.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask

Kind regards

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