withdrawal contraceptive while breastfeeding

Is withdrawal contraceptive while breastfeeding is safe? I'm josie Ramos. i breastfeed my baby, but when she turn to 8 months my period is return. but its only a drop of blood it takes 5 days. then in the next month my menstruation did not return. im 1 week delayed now. please answer my question thanks!!

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May 16, 2012
by: Tracy

Hi Josie

Since your period has returned, no-matter how often you get it or how strong the flow is, you can now assume that you are fertile.

If you are not ready to have another baby, do not take any chances. The withdrawal method overall is not 100% safe, so I would not recommend this. Please find a more reliable contraceptive.

There are many methods that are safe during breastfeeding...mentioned here...


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