wont be able to pump at work

by sanah

How should i schedule my time as i will be resuming work in one week.. i wish to continue breast feed my baby.?

I wont be able to pump at work.. neither during breaks as there is no proper place to do so.. am planning to pump when i return from work.. but will that be enough for baby during the day..?? am soo confused.. how should i proceed.. any ideas and advises would be great,, its URGENT

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May 05, 2014
breastfeeding mama
by: Anonymous

Well, for one, in order to keep your milk supply up, you must pump every 2-3 hrs.

And by law, your job must allow you time to pump anyways. So that shouldn't be an issue.

If you still plan on exclusively breastfeeding, you will need the milk supply of pumping at least 15 oz within an 8 hr work frame.

You need your work know the LAW. If it's a small job thats less than 50 employees, I think they're exempt from this, but either way, find a way!

Like pumping in your car on breaks or lunch and storing in their fridge! That's what I would do.

I am also returning to work in a week and have done plenty of research.

Apr 16, 2015
you don't understand!!!!
by: fanny

I am sick and tired of office workers telling other working moms that "the law" will protect you. The business might have to comply with the law, but some times the nature of the job won't let you pump at work. So answer the question, how long can she go without pumping if she can't at her job.

I find myself in a similar situation, and have not yet been able to find an appropriate response to this. Only "they have to". Which is no kind response.

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